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A little bit Lit Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Schritte

Lernfilm - verlangsamt

Choreo Rob Fowler / Musik Lit by Trace Atkins 

Ah Si Stepsheet Lernfilm Choreo Rita Masur
Adalaida Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Schritte

Lernfilm - verelangsamt

Choreo Derek O'Reilly / Musik Adalaida by Derek Ryan 

After the Storm Stepsheet


Choreo Tina Argyle / Musik After the Storm by Common Linnets

Alcohol Stepsheet  

Bruno Morel / Musik Put some Alcohol on it by Gord Bamford 

American Kids Stepsheet Lernfilm

Randy Pelletier / Musik American Kids by Kenney Chesney

Amity  Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Schritte

Lernfilm - verlangsamt

Choreo Chriystel Durand / Musik Love me some you by Matt Lang

Bailando Stepsheet   Choreo Muki Matohir Royal / Musik by Enrique Iglesias
Bear Baby Banjo - BBB Stepsheet   Séverine Fillon / Musik Beer Baby Banjo by The Nice Horse
Beautiful Day Stepsheet   Choreo Gaye Teather / Musik A Beautiful Day by Dave Sheriff
Beyonce's Country 
(Texas Hold'Em )
Stepsheet Lernfilm Choreo T.Bianco, M. Keister, A. Dance Music Texas Hold'Em by Beyonce
Bird Walk Stepsheet   Choreo unbekannt / Teenessee Birdwalk by Jack Blachard
Black Coffee Stepsheet   Choreo Helen O.Malley / Musik Black Coffee by Lacy J. Dalton
Bonaparte's Retreat Stepsheet   Choreo Maddison Glover / Musik by Glen Campbell 
Bread and Butter Stepsheet  Lernfilm - Die Schritte Choreo unbekannt / Musik Shortenin' Bread by The Tractors
 Caballero Stepsheet

Lernfilm Schritte 01 - 32

Lernfilm Schritte 33 - 64

Lernfilm verlangsamt

Choreo Ira Weisburd / Musik Caballero

by Orchestra Mario Riccardi

Cabo San Lucas Stepsheet  

Choreo Rep Ghazali / Musik Cabo San Lucas by Toby Keith

California Freeze Stepsheet Lernfilm die Schritte

Choreo unbek. / Musik I Love a Rainy Night by Eddie Rabbitt

Canadian Stomp Stepsheet  

Choreo unbekannt / Musik Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain

Champagne Promise Stepsheet Lernfilm

Choreo Tina Argyle / Musik Champagne Promise by David Nail

Chattahoochee Stepsheet Lernfilm

Choreo unbekannt / Musik Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson

Chica Boom Boom Stepsheet  

Vikki Morris  Boom Boom Goes My heart by Alex Swings O. Sings

Chill Factor Stepsheet

Lernfilm die Schritte

Lernfilm verlangsamt

Choreo Daniel Whittaker & Hayley Westhead / Musik by Last Night (feat. DJ Robbie) - Chris Anderson

Christmas Yule Fiddler Stepsheet  

Séverine Fillon /The Yule Fiddler" by P. Gurdy & Fiddler's Green

Coffee Days and Whiskey Night Stepsheet Lernfilm

Ivonne Verhagen / Coffee D. and Whiskey N. by Robynn Shayne

Come Dance With Me Stepsheet  

Joe Thompson / Musik Come Dance With Me by Nancy Hays

Corn Stepsheet  

Choreo Rob Fowler / Musik Corn by Blake Shelton

Cotton Eye Joe Stepsheet  

Choreo unbekannt / Musik Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex

Country As Can Be Stepsheet  

Suzanne Wilson /Country as a boy can be by Brady Seals

Country Girl Shake  Lernfilm

Musik Country Girl Shake it for me by Luke Bryan

Country Two Step Stepsheet  

Choreo Master Line / Musik I Just Want My Back Jerry Kilgore

Country Walkin' Stepsheet  

Teree DeSarro / Musik Walk In The Country by The Ranch

Cowboy Charleston Stepsheet  

Choreo Unbekannt / Musik Swing Baby by David Ball

Cowgirl Twist Stepsheet  

Choreo Bill Bader / Musik Cowgirl Twist' by Dave Sheriff

Creepin Stepsheet  

Choreo Kate Sala / Musik Creepin by Eric Church

Cucaracha Stepsheet  

H. & M. Dahl / All you ever doing is bri. me d. by The Mavericks

Cumbia Semana Stepsheet  

Choreo Ira Weisburd / Musik Fin De Semana by Fito Olivares

Cupid Shuffle Stepsheet  


D / E / F      
Dim The Lights Stepsheet


M.Glover S.Ward Musik The Kind of Love We Make by  L.Combs
 Dini Seel ä Chli la bambälä la Stepsheet

Lernfilm die Schritte

Lernfilm verlangsamt

Choreo Marcel Rohrer / Musik Dini Seel ä chli la bambälä la (Featuring Sängerfreunde) by Partyhelden
Drinking with Dolly Stepsheet   Séverine Fillon / Musik Drinking With Dolly by Stéphanie Quayle
Doctor Doctor Stepsheet   Master In Line / Musik Bad Case Of Loving You Robert Palmer
Down On Your Uppers Stepsheet   Gerry O'Reilly / Musik Down On Your Uppers by Derek Ryan
Easy Dance Stepsheet   S. Fillion & G. Roussel / Easy on the Tigger by R. Keegan
Electric Slide Stepsheet   Choreo unbekannt
Enjoy The Life Stepsheet   Choreo S. Fillion / Musik Life's Too Short by Burn & Poe
Evergreen  Stepsheet   Choreo Claudia Beeler / Musik Evergreen by Marius Bear
Footloose Stepsheet   L. Hubbard & St. Rogers / Musik Footloose by Blake Shelton
Foxy Girl Stepsheet   Choreo unbekannt / Musik Bad Bad Girl by The Derailers
 Ghost Train  Stepsheet   Choreo Kathy Hunyadi / Musik Zorba Sirtaki
Give me Shivers Stepsheet   Choreo Brandon Zahorsky / Musik Shivers by Ed Sheeran
Go Cat Go Stepsheet   Gaye Teather / Musik Please Mama Please by Go Cat Go
Go Seven Stepsheet   Choreo Ria Vos / Musik Seven Lonely Days by Bouke
Golden Wedding Ring Stepsheet   Choreo S. Fillion / Musik Golden Ring by T. Clark & D. Bentley
Good Luck Charm Stepsheet    Choreo Christian Henning / Good Luck Charm by E. Presley
Good Time Stepsheet   Choreo Jenni Cain / Musik Good Time by Alan Jackson
Grundy Gallop Stepsheet   Choreo Jenny Rocket / Musik Sold by J.M. Montgomery
Gypsy Queen  Stepsheet   Choreo Hazel Pace / Musik Gypsy Queen by Chris Norman
H / I / J      
Happy Happy Happy Stepsheet   Choreo A.M. Simon / Musik Soggy Bottom Summer by D. Brody
Hey Cowgirl Stepsheet   Choreo Jan Brookfield / Musik Hey Cowgirl by Randall King
Hey Girl Stepsheet   M. Svensson Erlandsson /  Come Do A Little Life by Mo Pitney
Homage Polo Hofer Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Die Schritte

Lernfilm - Verlangsamt

Choreo Marcel Rohrer / Musik by Alperose by Polo Hofer
Honkey Tonk Highway Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Nashville

Choreo Maggie Shipley / Musik this One's f.you by Luke Combs
I Close My Eyes Stepsheet   H. Pace Ich mach me. Augen zu by Ch. Norman & N. de Angelo
I'm In Stepsheet

Lernfilm - Die Schritte

Lernfilm - Verlangsamt

Choreo Unbekannt / Musik I' In by Keith Urban
I'm On My Way Stepsheet   Choreo M. Gallagher / Musik Toora Lorra Ley by Celtic Thunder
I Was On A Boat Stepsheet   Tr. Thornton / Musik I Was On A Boat That Day by Old Dominion
Independence Day Stepsheet   Choreo Unbekannt / Musik The Way That I Am by M. McBride
Irish Stew Stepsheet   Choreo Lois Lightfoot / Musik Irish Stew by Sham Rock
Island In The Stream Stepsheet   Karen Jones / Island In The Stream by D. Parton & K. Rogers
Jersey Giant Stepsheet Lernfilm Choreo G. Schneider / Musik Jersey Giant by Elle King
Jerusalema 64 Steps Stepsheet   C. Ghys & A. Johnstone / Musik Jerusalema vom Master KG
Jerusalema 32 Steps Stepsheet   C. Ghys & A. Johnstone / Musik Jerusalema vom Master KG
Joana Stepsheet   Choreo X. Massoti / Musik Come Early Morning by Don Williams
K / L      
Kangaroo Hide Stepsheet   P. Heath&A. Wilson/Heartbroke OutOfMyMind by Brooks & Dann
LDF - Let's Dance For Ever Stepsheet   A. & Peter The Dance Factory / Musik Boogie Shoes by Gle Cast 
Lindy Shuffle Stepsheet   Jane Smee / Musik I Need More Of You by Bellamy Brothers
Little Rhumba Stepsheet   D. Laurin / Musik Like She's Not Yours by Bellamy Brothers
Little Sofia Stepsheet   Choreo L.M. Pedersen / Musik Sofia by Alvaro Soler
Little Southern Girl Stepsheet   Choreo Darren Bailey / Musik Southern Girl by Tim McGraw
Little Wagon Wheel Stepsheet   Choreo Gaye Teather / Musik Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter
Lonely Drum Stepsheet   Choreo Darren Mitchell / Musik Lonely Drum by Aaron Goodvin
Love Drunk And Happy Stepsheet   Choreo Laurent Chalon/Musik Love Drunk & H. by Old Dominion
Lucky Lips Stepsheet Lernfilm Choreo Gary Lafferty / Musik Lucky Lips by The Conquerors
Lullaby Waltz Stepsheet   Choreo Tina Argyle / Musik Drift Off To Dream by Travis Tritt
M/ N / O / P / R      
Mamma Maria Stepsheet   Choreo Frank Trace / Musik Mamma Maria by Ricchi e Poveri
Marina Marina Marina Stepsheet   Choreo Andrea Mercier / Musik Marina by Rocco Granata
Memory Lane Stepsheet   Choreo Nicole Petrocelli / Musik Memory Lane by Old Dominion
Missing Stepsheet   Choreo Heather Barton / Musik Missing by Michael Morgan
Mister In Between Stepsheet   Choreo P. Siquieros / Musik AC-Cent-tchu-at... by Willie Nelson
Mister Sandman / Mr. Santa Stepsheet   Choreo F. Trace & Jo Szymanski / Musik by Nancy Hays
Nashville Stepsheet   Unbekannt / What Do You Know About Love by Dwight Yoakam
One Margarita Stepsheet   Choreo Andrea Mercier / Musik One Margarita by Luke Bryan
Peabody Charleston Stepsheet   Ira Weisburd /The Hot Honey Rag by V. Pettiford & J. Lanier
Rio Stepsheet   Choreo Diana Lowery / Musik Mestizzo by Patricia
Rocket To The Sun Stepsheet   Maddison Glover/ What You've Done To Me by Samantha Jade
Rockin Stepsheet   Choreo Anita McNab / Musik Pneumonia by Ronnie McDowell


S / T      
Same Boat Stepsheet   R. McEnaney-White / Musik Same Boat by Zac Brown Band
Simply Mambo Stepsheet   Choreo V. Mayers & D. Randle / Musik Tequila by The Champs
Stand by me Stepsheet Lernfilm  Chor.R. Sarlemijn &R.Verdonk/ Musik Stand by Me I. Jack Remex
Stray Cat Strut Stepsheet   Choreo Unbekannt / Musik Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cats
Stroll Along Cha Cha Stepsheet   Rodeo Cowboys / I'm Gonna Miss You Girl by M. M. Murphey
Sweet Caroline Stepsheet   Choreo Darren Bailey / Musik Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

T / U


Tag On

Stepsheet   Choreo David Villellas / Musik Too Strong To Break by B. Cole

Take Me Home Country Road

  Lernfilm - Die Schritte Choreo Andrea Mercier / Musik Take Me H. C. R. by John Denver

Texas Time Easy

Stepsheet   Choreo Andrea Mercier / Musik Texas Time Keith Urban

The Gallway Gathering

Stepsheet   M. Gallagher & G. O'Reilly / Games People Pay by N. Carter

Til You Can't

Stepsheet   Choreo Garry O'Reilly / Musik  Til You Can't by Cody Johnson

Travelling Wonderer

Stepsheet   Choreo Unknown

Tush Push

Stepsheet   Choreo J. Ferrazzano/Musik Every Little Thing by Carlene Carter

Two Boys

Stepsheet    F. Alemany & J. Castellano / Sailor Boy by G. Macanthony

2 Hell And Back

Stepsheet   R.Fowler& K.Sala/If You Are Going Through Hell by R. Atkins



Lernfilm - Die Schritte

Lernfilm - Verlangsamt

Choreo Andrea Mercier / Musik Umamy by Ritschi
Wagon Wheel Rock Stepsheet   Choreo Y. Anderson / Musik Wagon Wheel by Nathan Carter 
Waltz Across Texas Stepsheet  Lernfilm Choreo L.&J. Nielson / Musik Waltz A.T. by The Dean Brothers
Wave on Wave Stepsheet   Choreo A. Birchall / Musik Wave on Wave by Pat Green
We Only Live Once Easy Stepsheet   Choreo L. M. Pedersen / Musik We Only Live Once by S. Noll
When You Smile Stepsheet   J.M. Belloque & R. Verdonk / When You Smile by Rune Rudberg
Whiskey Bridges Stepsheet   M. Glover / Whiskey Under The Bridge by Brooks & Dunn